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What's New at Groovynet.com?
Christmas 2001 Edition

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What's New at Groovynet?  
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~ Christmas Groovycards ~ (Send Later Enabled!)

3D Original Art Christmas Groovycards
Many High Color 3D Art Selections in this cardshop! 3D Snowmen, Angels, Snowy Scenes and more!  Our most Popular and Visually Pleasing selections are in this cardshop!  A MUST SEE!

3D Original Art Christmas Greetings!
Old fashioned Sentiments and Greetings in a whole new format!  Simply Beautiful!  Always Appropriate!

 Java Enhanced Christmas Cards
Our Java Enhanced Christmas Cards are fully customizable!  Select from hundreds of MIDIS, Custom Greetings and Sentimental Signatures and Many Background  Selections!

~-~  Special Christmas Java Enhanced Groovycards!  ~-~

Naughty Or Nice!
Take your pick, with this Fantastic Java Christmas Card.  Make your selection and view your special greeting!

Santa's Snowy Ride!

Santa's abandoned his sleigh and is flying high in his airplane!  It's snowy and cold, but Rudolph's nowhere to be found in this great 3D Java Card!  Add some music and watch him go!

Joy and Peace
May Joy and Peace be yours throughout the New Year.  Beautiful slide show Java with 3 unique images, add a Christmas Carol, a Greeting and signature, This Christmas Card is sure to please.

Christmas Objects with Sentimental Greetings
Take some Mistletoe, add a Snow Globe, a Nutcracker and a Spinning Angel (Remember those?), combine it with a GREAT Old Fashioned Christmas Greeting, add a little JAVA magic and You have a Great Christmas Card!

~-~  Java Enhanced SANTA Cards!  ~-~

Santa's Gone Snow Skiing!
Watch the snow fall and gather around his skis!  Looks Great with a Custom Background Image!

Santa in his Sleigh!
Snow gathers on the roof tops and Santa's in his sleigh. The snow is NOT slowing him down! 

Santa in a Snow Drift!
Watch as the snow builds up around Santa's feet.  He's got a bag full of toys for all the GOOD girls and Boys.  Send this before the snow gets too deep!

Santa At the North Pole!
Santa's on top of the world and from the look on his face is THRILLED to be there!  Watch the Snow drift and flutter around him!

~-~  Just Plain Cool Java Enhanced Christmas Cards!  ~-~

Santa in a Star Field
Santa's in his plane again only this time, he's in a Star Field!  No words can describe this Applet except Just plain Cool!  Check It Out!

Joy to The World
Our Caroling Angels Sing while the Stars Fly around them.  Another "Just Plain Cool" Effect.  Add some Music and Wow, Too COOL!

Snowy Landscapes with Java Snow
Our Classic Landscapes with Java Snow storm Effect.  Calming, Peaceful and Beautiful.  One of our Most Popular Shops Year Around!

 Christmas Angels Cardshop
Beautiful Angels and Christmas Greetings can be found in this card shop.
Add some Soft Christmas Music and one of our Custom Greetings and Blessings, a Custom Background and You are Ready to Go!

 Season's Greetings Cardshop
Old Fashioned Christmas Cards with Season's Greetings!  Many Images to Choose from, each Unique and beautiful.  ALWAYS Appropriate!

Santa Claus Cardshop
Ho Ho Ho!  The Jolly Fat Man has is OWN Cardshop!  Kids of all ages love these old fashioned Santa Cards.  14 Images to Choose from!  (Also Java Enhanced, See above!)

Winter Wonderland Card Shop
Simply wonderful Snowy Landscapes, Classic Custom Greetings and Signatures, Great MIDIS and wonderful Backgrounds!  Also Available with JAVA Snow effects!

Jesus, The REASON for the Season!
Beautiful Nativity Cards celebrating the Birth of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  Add some Christian Christmas Music and Lovely Christmas Blessings.  Celebrate the Season for THE REASON!

Christmas GroovyGreets!

Ready Made Greetings to Send!  We've done all the work for you!  Just enter the Email Addresses (UP TO 10 RECIPIENTS with 1 CLICK) and Click To Send!
The Easiest and Fastest ICQ and WEB BASED GREETINGS Cards with MANY Selections!

--  Naughty or Nice is the question...
Check out this Groovy Interactive Java Applet!  Linked to 2 different Groovygreets!  So.. What's it gonna be....?  Naughty or Nice?  No matter which choice you make, this greeting is Hot Hot Hot!  Download the 800x600 Wallpapers!  Initial MIDI - Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies  Linked Pages MIDI - (You Give Me) Fever  **With 2 Christmas Poems**  **Javascript Snowflakes.

--  We Need A Little Christmas!
Our Happy Snowman and Christmas Carolers bring Happy Christmas greetings.  Dramatic gold Stars and Fancy Java Fade Applet reveals the message "Warmest Wishes for A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"
Download the 800x600 Wallpaper!  MIDI Selection - We Need A Little Christmas.

-- We Wish You a Merry Christmas!
Great 3D candy cane with sentimental greeting "To wish you many blessings at Christmas time and throughout the coming year."!
MIDI Selection - It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas.  *Javascript Fireworks!

-- Frosty Snowman & Season's Greetings!
Everyone's favorite Snowman!  It's Frosty!  Send this Chilly Holiday page with 640x480 3D graphic. Feel free to set it as Holiday wallpaper!
MIDI Selection - Frosty The Snowman!  *Javascript Snowflakes!

-- Happy Holidays!
Beautiful 3D Snowflakes, Mistletoe and Happy Holidays script set on black background.  640x480 graphic.  Feel free to set it as your Holiday Wallpaper!
MIDI Selection - The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting...).  *Javascript Snowflakes

-- Joy to the World!
3D Christmas Carolers sing the Joyous Tidings!  With greeting: Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests."  640x480 graphic.  Feel free to set it as your Holiday Wallpaper!  MIDI Selection - Joy To The World.

-- Merry Christmas!
3D Candy Canes Highlight the "Merry Christmas" Message.  With Poetry.  MIDI Selection - Ding Dong Merrily on High. *Javascript snowflakes!

--  Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!
Santa's Snowy Ride!  Java Snow Storm!  With greeting:  Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.  MIDI Selection - Santa Claus is Coming to Town, With Lyrics!


ArtIsPower.com's FREE 3D Desktop Wallpapers

It's the Holiday Season!  Decorate your desktop with one of our High Color Wallpapers!  800x600, 24 bit Color, Great 3D Art!  ALL FREE!


http://artispower.com/nonjava/index9.shtml  --  Holiday Index 1
http://artispower.com/nonjava/index10.shtml --  Holiday Index 2
http://artispower.com/nonjava/index11.shtml --  Holiday Index 3


If you Like Our Wallpaper, Why not Share it with a Friend?  We've Chosen the Best of our Christmas Holiday Themes and made Greetings Cards!  With Music and Custom Greetings and Signatures!  WEBTV and NON Java Browser Friendly!!!

God Is Groovy!  Come See Why!

New Site! ~ GOD IS GROOVY ~ New Site!

God IS Groovy Holiday ICQ & Web Greetings!
Christian Themed Inspirational Stories and Greetings.  Lovely Christmas Music, Beautiful Graphics and Wonderful Christmas Stories, Poems and More.  Quick and Easy to send with Up To 10 RECIPIENTS.  Celebrate The Birth or Our Lord by sending a God Is Groovy Greeting Today.

--  The Christmas Story
The Greatest Story Ever Told.  Beautiful Classic Painting of the Nativity and the Story of Christ's birth.  O Holy Night, Real Music enhances the Christmas Mood.  Breathtaking and beautiful.

--  The Christ Child
Mary did you know?  Lovely painting of Mary and Jesus, The Poem "The Christ Child" by G. K. Chesterton and "Mary Did You Know" Real Music.  Send this Classic Christmas Card today.

--  The Greatest Gift
The greatest joy each Christmas should Be in giving, not in receiving, And the gift man best proffers to God Is in his promise believing.  The Real Music Selection Holy Holy Holy enhances this Christmas Greeting.

--  The Christmas Sign
The faith of a child, the voices of millions gathered together in prayer.  Let there be peace, let it begin with me.

--  Why Christmas?
There IS a redeemer!  This Greeting Tells a story of WHY God would lower Himself to come to Earth as a man and one person's understanding and realization of this truth.

--  The Colors of Christmas
Explains the meanings of the Christmas Colors, Spirit and Symbols in a fictional story.  Music Selection:  Christmas Medley.

--  It's Christmas Night
It's Christmas night. The house is quiet. Even the crackle is gone from the fireplace.  ...Soon life will be normal again.  A Reflection on the Day, and the Season and the REASON.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*   Just for FUN!   ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

--  The Dancin' Santa!
This is just a FUN Greeting we thought we'd include!  Watch Santa dance to Feliz Navidad!  Java Crossfades Merry Christmas into Feliz Navidad!

God Is Groovy Religious Postcards

Nativity Scenes and Angels are the THEME of This Cardshop. 
Many Christmas Carols and Christmas Hymns as well as "Non Christmas", but Totally Christian MIDIS.  Great Layout and Designs.  Send a God IS Groovy Christmas Card to someone You Love.

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