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Valentines Day is Just Around the Corner!  Have you sent your groovycards? Below you will find Quick Links to all of Our Romantic Valentines Pages and Groovycards!

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  3D Valentines GroovyCards at!


You won't find these on our menus, We've created them JUST FOR OUR Subscribers!  We are pleased to bring you this great selection of Java Enhanced EXCLUSIVE Groovycards!  Send as MANY As you'd Like!
-  Great Crystal 3D Heart with a gorgeous rainbow reflections!  Java Snow Enhanced!
-  Subtle Water Applet enhances the vivid colors and lovely reflective surfaces on this Groovycard.  Featuring the Bible verse from Song of Solomon 2:10-12.
-  Great Java Slide Show cycles through 4 Heart and "I Love You" Images to reveal a Happy Valentines Day greeting!
-  4 Seamless image transitions in this slide show!  Great 3D Hearts fade into the Happy Valentines Day Message.
-  A New Perspective in this Panoramic Valentines Day greeting!  Fantastic Shattering effect Starts with "I Love You", breaking into the question of the day.. "Be My Valentine?".  Awesome!
-  The really Groovy Lake Applet is always a winner!  This one has been enhanced with Secret's Valentine Question... "Be My Valentine?".
-  Another Lake Scene.. Purple Sky, Rainbow and I Love You!  Wow!
-  The Panoramic 3D "I Alone" cross fades into "Love You" in this spendid applet.  Perfect for your one true love.


  -- 3D Valentines Postcards At! -- -

The (New for 2001) Valentines Cards are Ready and are Send Later Enabled!  Fantastic Original Art Cards, Java Enhanced Valentines featuring our Original 3D Art, and Lovely Victorian Valentines! Send your Holiday Groovycards Today for receipt on Valentines Day!
 -  Groovynet's Original 3D Art Love Themed Cards (Page 1)
 -  Groovynet's Original 3D Art Love Themed Cards (Page 2)
 -  Victorian Angels and Cupids.  Traditional Valentines Images (Page 1)
 -  Victorian Angels and Cupids.  Traditional Valentines Images (Page 2)
 -  Victorian Angels and Cupids.  Traditional Valentines Images (Page 3)
 -  Romantic Love Quotes - Some of the Most Romantic Quotes EVER to add to your groovycard.

*** Don't Miss Our JAVA Enhanced Valentines Day Groovycards! ***
-  This is one of our most popular groovycards!  A Single 3D Rose crossfades into "I Love You".  Come see!
-  Very Subtle Candlelit Scene with Java Hue Rotation.  Simply Beautiful.
-  Java Enhanced Pastels and Roses with Message "I Love You", the page turns and the High Color Graphic with message "Will you marry me?"
-  Java Enhanced! Beautiful Java Snow and great reflections say it all!

   Romantic Groovygreets at
  ==  In a Hurry?  Check These Out!  ==

If you haven't had a chance to visit our new site, please take this opportunity to view and send our Holiday GroovyGreets!  Awesome Java Enhanced, Ready-To-Send, Web Cards with Wonderfully Romantic Greetings! Up to 10 Recipients!  Wow! 
 - Java Enhanced!  Pastels and Roses with Message "I Love You", the page turns and the High Color Graphic with message "Will you marry me?". Midi Selection - Annie's Song (You fill up my senses..) With Poetry.
 - Just Because I Love You, Only You!  Java Enhanced! Beautiful Java Snow and Cascading Hearts Say it all! MIDI Selection - I Only Have Eyes For You. With Poetry.
 - You are Everything To Me.  Send this Great Web Card Featuring Our Original Art,  640*480 Deserted Beach Scene.  Feel free to set it as your Desktop Wallpaper! MIDI Selection - Air That I Breathe. With Real Audio! With Lyrics.
 - Happy Anniversary to My One True Love. MIDI Selection - The Wedding Song (There Is Love). With Poetry.

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Have a GROOVY Valentines Day!

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