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What's New at Groovynet? It's All Right Here!

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Just in time for summer! We've added a bunch of new art to our Wearable Art shop. Don't miss the Great New Designs for Kids, Grandma's & Grandpa's, Girl Power and More!! Great Designs & Great Prices!

Coming Later This Summer - Baseball Caps, Tote Bags, Tank Tops, Boxers & More! 

New ~ British Comedy GroovyCards

Make your selection and Send a Classic British Comedy Groovycard Today! Our new Shops Feature Images and MIDIS from YOUR Favorite Britcoms! You don't have to stay up late to send one of these, they're all send later enabled! 

ALLO! ALLO! Groovycards
Meet Rene, the most improbable French hero since Inspector Clouseau and star of the BBC's award-winning comedy series 'Allo 'Allo! Featuring Complete Cast Photos, and Individual Character Images!

Are You Being Served? Groovycards
Grace Brothers is a small, old-fashioned and privately owned department store - the perfect breeding ground for the wacky conflict caused by store politics.  Featuring Great Images of Cast Members and screen shots!

Black Adder Groovycards
Throughout history, England has been blighted by members of the Black Adder dynasty. Features Images from all 4 Seasons of the Wildly Popular Black Adder Series! Including MIDI Theme Song!

Red Dwarf Groovycards
Dave Lister (Craig Charles) is locked in stasis as punishment for smuggling a cat on board the Jupiter Mining Corporation ship, Red Dwarf. While he's in stasis, a damaged drive plate releases radiation which kills the rest of the crew. Featuring 20 GREAT images, Red Dwarf Quotes and Music! Including Red Dwarf Theme, Lister's Song and More!!

Keeping Up Appearances Groovycards
When it comes to snobbery, Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced 'bouquet') is in a class of her own. She's so obsessed with etiquette and breeding that she makes her husband's life a perfect misery. Keeping Up Appearances Theme MIDI!

Monty Python Groovycards!
And now for something Completely Different! Images from the Flying Circus, Quest for the Holy Grail, Dead Parrot Sketch and More! Includes the Flying Circus Theme, Life of Bryan Theme and Holy Grail MIDIS! 

Vicar of Dibley Groovycards!
When the ancient vicar of Dibley dies suddenly, the parishioners are surprised to find that the Bishop has appointed a woman as their new vicar. Featuring Great Images of the Vicar, Cast Shots and MIDI Theme!

-- Spotlight Cardshop -- 

http://www.groovynet.com/groovycards/JigSaw/ - Groovynet's Jigsaw Puzzle Groovycards!

8 different puzzles to select from. Ranging from Easy to solve to nearly impossible designs! 300+ MIDI Selections and Custom Headers! Have a Rockin' Birthday, Have a Beautiful Day and the "tongue in cheek" It could be worse, Have a good day anyway Puzzle Cards are especially nice! Send a Jigsaw Groovycard today!

New ~ Groovygreets! ~ 
Groovygreets are Fast, Fun and Easy to Send! We've done all the work for you! If you're in a hurry our GroovyGreets are the Perfect Choice to make someone's day!

=-=-=-=-=-=- Anytime Groovygreets -=-=-=-=-=-=
http://www.groovygreets.com/fishy/index.shtml - Virtual Java Aquarium!
Go Under the Sea with our Groovy Virtual Aquarium! The JAVA Aquarium is filled with colorful ANIMATED fish! Featuring the MIDI selection - Under the Sea from Disney's The Little Mermaid.

http://www.groovygreets.com/co80s1.shtml - Child of the Eighties!
Don't Call Me Generation X, Call me a Child of the Eighties. Check out this highly colorful Web Greeting Card with Awesome Poem describing "Our Generation". 
100+ 80's Real Audio Selections!

=-=-=-=-=-=- Christian Groovygreets -=-=-=-=-=-=
http://www.groovygreets.com/letterfromgod.shtml - Letter from God!
A Letter for you, From God. A Touching Witness of Faith and the Love of our Father. MIDI selection - I Could Sing of Your Love Forever.

-- Spotlight Groovygreet, Romance -- 
http://www.groovygreets.com/everything1.shtml - You are Everything To Me.

Send this Great Web Card Featuring Our Original Art, 640*480 Deserted Beach Scene. Feel free to set it as your Desktop Wallpaper! MIDI Selection - Air That I Breathe. With Real Audio! With Lyrics.

ArtIsPower.com's FREE 3D Desktop Wallpapers 
http://www.artispower.com - Art Is Power!

Have you visited our Newest Site? Featuring all the Groovy 3D art previously available on groovynet in a New Gallery Format! Browse through our Many Galleries Featuring our Bryce 3D art, Great Panoramic Images, Christian Wallpapers, Holiday Themes, Simply 3D Backgrounds, and Groovynet's Front Page Art!

Non Java Enabled Users - (WebTV and Netscape!) Please use This Link:

-- Wallpaper of the Month --

http://artispower.com/Panoramas/arid.shtml - This Deserted 3D Beach will get you in the mood for a vacation! Set it as your desktop wallpaper for a relaxing break! Also available in Mousepads, T-shirts and More!

http://www.groovynet.com/clinks40/main.cgi - Add Your Link Here! 
- Make your mark and Get More Traffic to your website by adding your link to our Growing List of Groovy Places on the Internet. Many categories to select from, you're sure to find the Right Place and Get more Hits! (Groovynet.com is a Family Safe Site, NO ADULT SITES PLEASE!)

http://www.groovynet.com/kidz/ - Our Awesome Kids Start Page! 
- Set this as your Home Page and Entertain the Kids for Hours! Nothing Boring Here! With Party and Traveling Games, Activities, Crafts and Links to THE BEST Kids Sites around! Updated For Spring!


As Always, We Thank You for Visiting Groovynet.com! We appreciate your kind thoughts and comments! Please Visit us again soon!

Always Visually Pleasing! Groovynet.com

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http://www.groovynet.com - Art Is Power.


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