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Would You Like to See YOUR NAME in a CUSTOM Graphic?! Personalize these GROOVY graphics with the RENDERED 3D text of YOUR choice! 
Our Groovy 3D Landscapes are here! All the Groovy Mind expanding Graphics Personalized Just For You!! 

These Images are PERFECT for your Personal Home Page, Desktop Decoration and High Quality Printing!  
We can even design Mouse pads, T shirts, Stickers, Lunchboxes and More with YOUR Name!

Everyone Likes to See Their Name in Print!
Personalized Wallpaper makes a GREAT GIFT!

(example is watermarked with groovynet.com - actual image will not include watermark)

Your Name on Desktop Wallpaper! Order Personalized Wallpaper! Personalized Wallpaper Makes a Great Gift!
Your Personalized Wallpaper Looks Awesome on your Home Page! Groovy Art with Your Name! Totally Awesome Wallpaper with Your Name!
Inexpensive One of a Kind Gift! Everyone Likes to See Their Name in Print! Your Name, Our Wallpaper!
800x600 OR 1024x768 Wallpaper! Beautiful Designs with YOUR NAME! Fantastic High Color Designs!
Put Your Name Here! Romantic Personalized Wallpaper Groovy Wallpaper with YOUR NAME
Relaxing Personalized Wallpaper Vanity Wallpaper.  Far out! Beautifully Rendered with Custom Text!
3D Wallpaper! See Your Name in Print! Anniversary Custom Wallpaper
Birthday Wallpaper With YOUR Birthdate! Your Text Here! Your Name On Wallpaper!
Vanity Wallpaper is Awesome! Grandma Look at this!  Your Grandbaby's name! Groovy 3D Backgrounds with YOUR NAME!
Awesome Gift for the New Parents! Fantastic Prints with YOUR TEXT Use Me on Your Home Page!
Penguin Wallpaper with YOUR NAME Groovy 3D Pyramid Design, Just Add Your Name! Your Special Message Here!
Personalized Wallpaper makes a GREAT GIFT! FAR OUT!!! MY NAME HERE! Personalized Wallpaper Backgrounds.
Vanity Wallpaper Backgrounds are GROOVY Anniversary Wallpaper, Birthday Wallpaper, Gift Wallpaper.  WOW Beautiful 3D Wallpaper Backgrounds with YOUR NAME

We have spent many hours selecting the font face and materials used on these images. 
Your Text is placed in the location that (we feel) receives the best reflections, shine, ambience and light bounces. 
Your Custom text will appear in the same font and approximate placement.

Work will begin on your image as soon as email is received (Usually within 24 hours). 
payment is received you will be emailed (At the email provided on the form) the URL where you may pick up your image. Groovynet is not responsible for any mistakes made on your part so...


We will make every attempt to place your text in the exact location as in example.. Sometimes it looks better just a little more in one direction or another (Light ray bounces, reflection, etc).

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