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*:. Space Games .:*

A220 Mission  - Like Defender
Abalis (Space Game) ~NEW~
Absolute Space
- Space Invaders Clone with better graphics!
Alien Invasion - Shoot Down the Aliens
Asteroids - Just Like You Remember!
Asteroids 2 - Updated version of the Arcade Classic!
Defender of the Moon - Amazing Graphics and ALL the ACTION you Crave!
Invaders - Another Groovy Space Invaders Clone
Iridium - A Groovy Space Game with multiple levels!
Lunar Lander - Land your space ship
Moon Raid  - A First Person Shooter Space Game
Nibbles - A Space Worm Game!
Top Nibbles - 2 Player Nibbles Game!
Real Invaders - A Nice Space Invaders Clone!
Rocket Game - Quite Easy but strangely addicting!
Rocks - Asteroids Type Space Game!
Space Maze! - Raid Alien Space Stations! ~NEW~
Space War - Remember Galaga?
Spheres of Chaos - Like Asteroids but extra Challenging!
Super Invaders!  Another Groovy Space Invaders Clone!
Tail Gunner - An Extremely Addictive Space Game!
Tempest! - Just like the Atari version!
Trekkieroids Game!  - Updated Asteroids Type Space Action Game!
Tunnel - A Shooting Space Game
UFO-Attack - Guide your Missiles and Defend your Planet!
Warp 15 - A Shoot-em-up Space Game.
If for some strange reason the games do not load properly on your computer,
Please make sure you have the latest version of JAVA, FLASH or SHOCKWAVE installed.
Click here to make sure you have the latest version of JAVA
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