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Asteroids - Updated!
An asteroids clone with 8 different powerups, two different weapons, nifty engine trails and explosions!  New features include a new game mode, many bug fixes, new weapons and shields. 
Important - when the game screen comes up, be sure to click into the applet first -- otherwise it won't detect you key-strokes.

Key Assignments:

Z/X = Rotate left /right - M = Fire thrusters - K = Shoot missile (does lots more damage, but you have a limited supply per ship) L = Fire guns - S = Toggle Sound On/Off - P = Pause

There are two game modes, but the gameplay in both is pretty straightforward -- just shoot and destroy everything! Be careful - don't stray too close to the explosions because the larger debris (the small spinning triangles) will damage your shields (unless you have the Debris Shield powerup) . Your shields can also absorb limited collisions with heavily damaged asteroids and your own gunfire, but they won't hold out for long, so this should generally be avoided. Both shooting the guns and firing the thrusters will consume energy -- this will slowly recharge though.

When you destroy an enemy ship, it will release one of serveral kinds of power-up. Collect it before it collides with an asteroid (or worse, another enemy ship grabs it).

For both game modes, if you beat the "world high score", you can enter your name for all to see (max of 12 alpha-numeric characters).

Game Mode: Asteroids

Just blow up all the asteroids! When you destroy them all, you progress to the next round. Shoot accurately -- if you achieve over 70% accuracy in a round you will receive a bonus to your score. You will get a bounus life every 10,000 points.

Game Mode: Challenge

This game mode is good for a quick blast. The objective is to get as high as score as possible (which basically means staying alive for as long as you can...). There are no rounds -- it is a continuous fight against enemy ships (a new level 3 enemy ship is spawned every 15 seconds), with a few medium and small asteroids thrown in as a buffer. You will get a bonus life every 50,000 points.

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