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~*~ What's New at Groovynet  January 2003~*~

Great NEW Items In our Shops!

Don't Be Late!  Order Now for Shipping before Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Gifts

Valentine's Day Gifts For Less Than $20
Valentine's Day Cards
Valentine's Day Apparel!
View All Valentine's Day Items!

ANTI Valentine's Day!

Anti Valentines Day Gifts!


New Groovy Java Games!


We have added a TON of new games to our Java games Section!  All your favorites plus a few you've probably never played before!  Check them out today and play all night!!!  


Check Out The NEW Midis!


Check out all the New Midi files we've added!  New Rock and Roll, Inspirational, TV Themes and Movie Themes!  Sing along with all your favorite songs!  With Over 600 MIDIS online, we're sure you'll find the one you're looking for!  If it's not there already, we'll try to get it for you!  Just give us a shout!

New Webmaster Resources

Do you have a website?  Want some awesome content?  Just follow the links below and we'll show you how to add our Fantastic Groovy Cards of the Day, Our Groovy Java Games and more!  Looking for a way to make money with your website?  We've got that too!  Just follow the links below!  (Coming in NEXT Newsletter - How to get your site listed with the MAJOR Search Engines and How to optimize your website for maximum traffic!  Stay tuned!!)


Ecardmania.com - Send GROOVY Cards!


There's ALWAYS Something New At Ecardmania.com!  

New Content daily with our Groovy Card of the Day!  

In addition to having the GROOVIEST Cards on the Internet, We've added lots of new features! Send our Groovy Cards to as many as 25 friends at once!  Great for Invitations and Buddy Lists! Fantastic MIDIS, Java Animations, Custom Layouts and More!

The Valentines Day Cards are Ready to Send!  (We're adding more daily so check back often!!!)  Just follow the links below to see and send!

Valentines Day Cards - Our Groovy 3D Art, your groovy thoughts!  The combination is great!  Send our 3D Valentines Day Groovy Cards!
Victorian Valentines - Lovely Angels and Fairies, Old World Victorian flair.  Beautiful and Charming.  Perfect.
Java Valentines - Wow!  Unreal JAVA Effects on our 3D Art!  Flashy and Spectacular!  A MUST SEE!
Romantic Love Quotes
- Looking for the PERFECT "thing to say" At Valentines Day?  The most romantic love quotes, EVER.  

Dear John, Break Ups & Insults - Okay, so Valentine's Day is probably THE MOST Romantic day of the year.  Not Feeling all that romantic?  Check out our Dear Johns and Breakup cards.  We also have some fantastic Anti-Valentines Gear in our shop!  Tell the world, "I'm not celebrating!!".

Get some FREE 3D Wallpaper


Have you visited our 3D Wallpaper Site?   Browse through our Many Galleries Featuring our Bryce 3D Art, Great Panoramic Images, Christian Wallpapers, Holiday Themes, Simply 3D Backgrounds, and Groovynet's Front Page Art! Ecards, Posters, Tshirts and more! Dress up your Desktop (And your Walls) with our Groovy Art!

~~~ Art Is Power Poster Gallery! ~~~
Art Is Power Poster Gallery! Now you can have your favorite Wallpapers in POSTER format! From Groovy Psychedelic Art Prints to our Awesome 3D Landscapes, Christian and More! Decorate your walls and your desktop with Art Is Power!

~~~ New Calendar Wallpaper! ~~~
Check out our Too Groovy Calendar Desktop Wallpapers!  Every month we give you a FREE DESKTOP Calendar!  Available in 640x480, 800x600, and 1024x768 screen resolution!  Perfect for everyone!  Check it out!

~~~ Groovynet's Front Page Graphics Gallery! ~~~
Groovynet's Front Page Art - Updated! NEW Images in our Groovynet Front Page Art Gallery. Check them out!

Send a Groovy Greet Today!


Ready Made Greetings to Send! If you're in a hurry, this is the site for you! We've taken the BEST Art and the BEST Music and put them together in a Greeting Card format! All you have to do is Sign your name and Send them to your friends! Up to 10 recipients at once! Don't Miss this site!


God Is Groovy!  Come See Why!

The finest selection of Christian Art, Desktop Wallpaper & Inspirational Java Cards with Music. We have also included the Bible Verse of the Day, Christian Quote of the Day, Search the Bible, & Stuff for Kids. Come see why God Is Groovy!

Click Here To Add Your Link To Groovynet.com!
- Make your mark and Get More Traffic to your website by adding your link to our Growing List of Groovy Places on the Internet. Many categories to select from, you're sure to find the Right Place and Get more Hits! (Groovynet.com is a Family Safe Site, NO ADULT SITES PLEASE!)

Our Awesome Kids Start Page!
- Set this as your Home Page and Entertain the Kids for Hours! Nothing Boring Here! With Party and Traveling Games, Activities, Crafts and Links to THE BEST Kids Sites around!

As Always, We Thank You for Visiting Groovynet.com!  We appreciate your kind thoughts and comments!  Please Visit us again soon!


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Check out Our Great Java Enhanced Groovygreets with Real Audio! Up to 10 Recipients! Send a FREE Groovygreet to someone Special Today.

Art Is Power
Our Latest Creation! Free 3D Wallpaper!   Really Groovy!

God Is Groovy

God IS Groovy!  Come see why!

Ecard Mania!
Send Groovy Cards!

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Groovynet's Wearable Art!
Groovynet's Art on T-Shirts, Mugs and Mousepads.

Groovynet Poster Gallery!
Awesome Art Printed in Poster Size!

Free MIDI Madness!
Sing along with all Your favorite songs from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's at groovynet! . Make your selection from over 300 Classic Rock Midis! From New Wave to Classic 70's, We probably have it or can get it!

Awesome Kids Start Page 
Entertain the Kids for Hours! Nothing Boring Here! Visit Groovynet's Awesome Kids Start Page! With Party and Traveling Games, Activities, Crafts and Links to THE BEST Kids Sites around! 

Groovy Java Arcade Games
Groovynet's Free Arcade Games! Come play Asteroids (Just like you remember!), Dig Dug, Tailgunner, Connect4, and many others! Can you beat the current high scores? Play as many (and as often) as you'd like! They're always FREE! 

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