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Tire them out!

(A Few Energy Users)

"Simon Says" Exercises (Family Circle 8-7-78)

Play this follow the leader game using exercises, such as; touch your toes; somersaults, running and/or jumping in place; hopping on one foot; knee bends; situps. See how fast you can do them.

Puff Basketball (Family Circle 8-7-78)

Make small puffs by wrapping yarn 20 times around a 1" wide section of cardboard. Tie the loops together tightly at one side; then cut the loops at the opposite side. Fluff it slightly. Cut the bottom out of a lunchsize paper bag for the basket and tape it to a wall or door. Try just shooting for baskets or, if you can play in the basement where you'll have some room, get a real game going.

Clothespin Drop (Family Circle 8-7-78)

For young children: Place a quart-size bottle on the floor behind the sofa or a chair. Kneel on the seat and try to drop clothespins (or bottle caps or pennies) into the bottle.

Bowling (Family Circle 8-7-78)

You can play this anywhere, although a rug softens sound. Set up 5 or 6 empty snack canisters as pins. Roll a tennis or rubber ball to knock them over. Points are scored by the number knocked over- set a winning total before you start.

Let's Pretend (Family Circle 8-7-78)

Let your imagination go and pretend you are something or someone else. How would you look and act? Imagine you are:

A typewriter, A chair, A fish on a line, Popcorn popping, Bubble gum, Autumn leaves falling, A dancer, Percolating coffeepot, Happy butterfly, Weeping willow, English sheep dog, Spaghetti boiling, A jump rope, A pyramid.

A Visit to Earth (Family Circle 8-7-78)

Pretend you are from outer space. You just landed in YOUR house on earth. Explore it the way a space creature would. Depending on what world you came from, what seems funny or unnecessary. What would you think different objects were for?

Twilight Time (Family Circle 8-7-78)

You know what a sunset looks like - or do you? Try to describe one in 25 or more words. Write down what colors you see, how the sky changes, how you feel about a sunset.

Cavemen (Family Circle 8-7-78)

Cover your head with a pillowcase and pretend you're in a cave. What's it like in there? What do you see? Can you make up a story about it?

Tape a Tale (Family Circle 8-7-78)

Imagine you're having a conversation with an animal- real or imagined (your pet dog or a fire-eating dragon!) and record your "conversation" on a tape recorder. Do both voices. Then play it back to see how the two of you sound.

Headline Hustle (Family Circle 8-7-78)

Cut out different headlines from a newspaper and arrange them so that they tell a story. (Eliminate any words from the headlines that you don't need)

Word String (Family Circle 8-7-78)

Write a story - a comedy or myster, romance or tragedy - using these words:

Celebrate, guitar, taste, pop, school, sleepy, television, child, bionics, electrical, alive, rich, coat, tablet, scrap. You must use these words, but of course you can add others - so it makes sense.

Disclaimer: The ideas on these pages were obtained from a notebook that my mom gave me when I had kids. Most of the information in this book was cut from magazines in the 60's and 70's. When possible, I will credit the magazine and published date.

Most of the stuff on these pages require very little parental supervision/intervention. Some of the ideas require using an iron or oven, they are marked clearly (in red). Please supervise your children!!! Groovynet will not be held responsible for any accidents caused by your not watching/helping your kids! Please Be responsible.

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