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Use your brain..

(Things That Aren't - James F. Fixx invented his this game for his young son.)

Have you ever listened closely to the things a child talks about? Mainly, his world is filled with the tangible, things like toys and pets and people, but there are other things, equally important in his life, that are not so tangible. After all, you can't touch tomorrow, or sleep, or love, but these are very much a part of a child's world.

Can your child guess what these things that aren't are?

It looks just like you. It wiggles its nose when you wiggle your nose. It smiles when you smile. When you go away it goes away too. But it can't talk, or laugh out loud, or write with crayons on the wall. You can see it when you are combing your hair. You can see it in a puddle when the wind isn't ruffling the water. Sometimes you can see it in the window of a store. It sin't really you, but it belongs to you. Can you guess what it is?

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You can see it, but you can't feel it or hear it (it's quieter than a worm). It follows you wherever you go, but it disappears on cloudy days or in the dark. Sometimes it slides along the ground, flatter than an inkspot. Sometimes it walks along a wall next to you, like a very thin friend. Sometimes it wiggles up the stairs with you, wrinkling itself up like folded black paper. Everybody has one. You can't give it away or use anyone else's. It's as black as coal and it's fun to step on it, you can't break it or hurt it, and it never never cries. What is it?

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You can't see it or hold it in your hands, but you can always feel it when it's near you. You can feel it on a summer day when you play in the sun. You can feel it when you stand close to a fire. You can even feel it on a cold, snowy day if you bundle up in your snowsuit and mittens. And you certainly feel it when you burn your tongue on your soup. It's not the sun, and it's not fire and it's not soup, but you have felt it in all of them. What can it be?

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Disclaimer: The ideas on these pages were obtained from a notebook that my mom gave me when I had kids. Most of the information in this book was cut from magazines in the 60's and 70's. When possible, I will credit the magazine and published date.

Most of the stuff on these pages require very little parental supervision/intervention. Some of the ideas require using an iron or oven, they are marked clearly (in red). Please supervise your children!!! Groovynet will not be held responsible for any accidents caused by your not watching/helping your kids! Please Be responsible.

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