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Dolls and Doll houses with odds and ends

(Create a fantasy world)

Clothespin Dolls (Family Circle 8-7-78)

Make a whole family easily. You'll need clothespins, white glue and felt-tip pens, and any of the following: felt, or fabric scraps, bits of lace, tiny beads or colored paper, a feather from a pillow, or any other small decorations you happen to have around. Draw faces on the pens. Cut out clothing, using fabric strips for arms, round pieces for hats, simple A-shapes for dresses and so on. Glue them onto clothespins. Dress them any way you want; for instance, instead of making slacks for the man, we colored his "legs" with a green felt-tip pen.

Shoebox Dollhouse (Family Circle 8-7-78)

Stack several shoe boxes (without lids) on their sides to form rooms. Tape or glue them together for added sturdiness. Cut out windows and doors, or just draw them on. Then, make real or farout furnishings using glue and empty thread spools, cardboard, popsicle sticks, toothpicks, small boxes or cans, scraps of material (for curtains), buttons, yarn.

Disclaimer: The ideas on these pages were obtained from a notebook that my mom gave me when I had kids. Most of the information in this book was cut from magazines in the 60's and 70's. When possible, I will credit the magazine and published date.

Most of the stuff on these pages require very little parental supervision/intervention. Some of the ideas require using an iron or oven, they are marked clearly (in red). Please supervise your children!!! Groovynet will not be held responsible for any accidents caused by your not watching/helping your kids! Please Be responsible.

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