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Card and Word Games

(For active minds!)

Take It (Family Circle 8-7-78)

For two or more players, the simplest of all card games (even though it requires a long explaination!). The object of the game is to win the most cards. Here's how to play: Shuggle a deck of playing cards (including jokers) and deal them all out, face-down, to players. Each player keeps cards in a stack in front of him. Then, at the same time, each player turns the top card face-up on the table; the player with the highest-calue card wins all the cards turned up in that round. Cards won are placed in a seperate pile next to the winner's unturned cards. The joker is high, followed by ace, king, queen, jack, and the rest in descending order. If two or more players turn up the same value card, then players go through another round and winner takes all the cards played in both rounds. Play continues until all the cards have been turned up. For two: Game continues until one player has won all the cards. Each pair won is placed under the winner's pile of unturned cards. If both turn up the same value card, each counts off four cards, turning the fourth one up - highest value wins that round of cards.

Square Word Game (Family Circle 8-7-78)

For two or more players. The object is to place letters in squares so that they spell words. Each player draws a grid of 9 squares (as in tic-tac-toe). The starter says a letter, and each player places that letter in any one of his squares. Once a letter is placed, it may not be moved; each letter must be in place before the next player calls a letter. Eight letters are called - the last square is FREE so you can place in it any letter you wish. After all squares are filled, points are scored for words made horizontally and vertically. A three-letter word=15 pints; a two-letter word=10 points.

Older kids can play this with 25 squares. Then a five-letter word = 25; four-letter word=20; and three-letter word=15.

Card Toss (Family Circle 8-7-78)

Players stand three feet from a hat or bowl and try to toss playing cards, one by one, into it. Sound easy? It really isn't!

ABC Memory Game (Family Circle 8-7-78)

"I'm going to the market and I'm going to buy...," says the first player, filling in the blank with something that starts with an A, like Applies or Apricots. Second player repeats that and adds something beginning with a B. Each time, you must repeat ALL of the previous items in order and add the next letter in the alphabet. If you forget a word or get any in the wrong order, you're out of the game.

The Marble Game (Family Circle 8-7-78)

Tape a piece of cardboard (about the size of typing paper) to the long edge of an egg carton, making a ramp up to the egg cups. Assign poin values to each egg cup according to its position. Roll marbles up the ramp into the cups; points are scored by the number of marbles that go into each cup.

Disclaimer: The ideas on these pages were obtained from a notebook that my mom gave me when I had kids. Most of the information in this book was cut from magazines in the 60's and 70's. When possible, I will credit the magazine and published date.

Most of the stuff on these pages require very little parental supervision/intervention. Some of the ideas require using an iron or oven, they are marked clearly (in red). Please supervise your children!!! Groovynet will not be held responsible for any accidents caused by your not watching/helping your kids! Please Be responsible.

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