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Games of Skill

Alien Invasion - Shoot Down the Aliens!
BAP - A Breakout Clone with Adjustable Speeds
British Pool - Groovy Pool Game
Desk Drop is A Lot like Tetris - but it's different too!  Play!
The Gem Game is another Tetris Clone
Master Mind!  Move the Pegs and eliminate the others.  This is sort of like the game on The Real World/Road Rules Fresh Meat Show that the kids had a lot of trouble solving.
Max Merge - You can merge all same connected objects and remove them from the board. You should try to maximize the length of the connected objects in order to receive a better score. 
Moon Star - A Cross Between Tetris and Columns - Fun
Shoot It - Destroy the Castle (FUN!)
Shoot Balls - A shooting gallery type game with 5 levels of play You have 60 seconds to shoot all the objects.
Shooter -  Destroy all of the duplicate bombs in a set number of moves.
Simon - Close Encounters Liked it! ~NEW~
Skeet Shooting - Shoot the skeet and the squirrel!
Time Star - Get rid of all of the empty spaces if you can! ~NEW~
Wast'em! - Shooting Gallery!
Eliminator - Eliminate all balls in the board by colliding them into each other.   

If for some strange reason the games do not load properly on your computer,
Please make sure you have the latest version of JAVA, FLASH or SHOCKWAVE installed.
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