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Colonization Strategy Game!
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The goal of this game is to colonize as many fields as possible with your own red stones. 

You can move your stones (one per turn) by clicking on one of them with your mouse pointer. This stone is active now (orange, change your choice: click on another one). Now you can move one or two field(s) in any direction by clicking on a free field. 

When you're moving one field the original stone stays where it's been and a new stone is created on the free field. You can also move two fields, but then you have to jump with the original stone. After a move all opponent stones next to the new stone turn over to you. The game is finished as soon as one player can't move anymore or the board is full. 

The one with the most stones wins the game! There are several different boards, press 'Next' and 'Last' Button to change the board! 'Undo' to redo your last move and 'New' to restart your game!


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