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Find it! - What's the Difference?
Try your Go skills against an Artificial Brain. Pay attention, the first who captures something is the winner.
Gotcha!  Are you quick enough to capture the blue ball.... ~without~ also capturing a red ball? I think not.
Graph Game - The first player marks edges of the graph trying to connect two highlighted nodes while the second player removes unmarked edges. 
Image Shuffle - Okay - so apparently I'm not smart enough to describe this one, so.. if one of you smart people will let me know what this game is about, I'll credit you!
Knot Funny! Can you put these 16 numbers in order? Just move the border and slide the numbers into place. Sounds easy... but it's not.
Memory - AKA Concentration.
Lights Out - Based on the classic board game. ~NEW~
Lines Game!  The idea is to return the grid to the reset position.  Challenging
Master Mind!  Move the Pegs and eliminate the others.  This is sort of like the game on The Real World/Road Rules Fresh Meat Show that the kids had a lot of trouble solving.
Max Merge - You can merge all same connected objects and remove them from the board. You should try to maximize the length of the connected objects in order to receive a better score. 
Quiz Show! - Show Your Smarts! ~NEW~
Time Star -
Get rid of all of the empty spaces.... if you can, but be careful, zero's explode leaving more empty spaces!
Tsokoban - A java-version of Sokoban. Careful, this game is addictive! 
Word Search - Challenging Jumble (5 Puzzles)
Eliminator - Eliminate all balls in the board by colliding them into each other.   
IQ Game! -
How do you rate? ~NEW~
3D Maze game - Can you do it?
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