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Groovynet's T-Shirt Shop - Groovynet's Original Art on T-Shirts, Mugs, Mousepads and More!  Great Prices, Great Designs!  Wear Our Art :)

3D Groovycards Entry Page - Hundreds of HIGH COLOR Original Art Cards with, JAVA,  300+ MIDI selections & 40+ High Color Tiled Backgrounds.  TOO Groovy!

GroovyGreets.com - JAVA Enhanced ICQ & Web Cards with Real Audio, Poetry and More!  Send a Groovygreet today!

Groovynet's Awesome Kid Start Page - Nothing Boring Here!  Kid Safe Surfing plus Science Fair Projects, Things to do while Traveling, Easy Crafts and So Much More!

Groovy Christian/Inspirational Wallpaper - Many Selections, Free Background Wallpaper Art featuring Christian & Inspirational Messages.  WOW.

FREE Groovy Java Games - Fast Loading FREE Web Games!  Collection Includes, Asteroids, Night Driver, Galaga Clone, Word Finds, & Many Many Others!

FREE Desktop Wallpaper Background Art - Many Galleries To Select From!  ALL FREE!  Groovynet.com - ART IS POWER.

FREE MIDI MADNESS! - We've collected SO Many FREE ROCK N ROLL MIDIS from the web and put them RIGHT HERE!  What song is it you wanna hear??

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